The Chalet at World’s End

in the heart of the Killy-Tignes/Val d’Isère ski resort

Présentation du chale

In winter, Chalet Colinn, cloaked in white, is an immense and beautiful residence; a warm and comfortable home, offering a true hotel services in the intimate setting of a chalet. Coming to Chalet Colinn is a glimpse of a true French mountain vacation specifically for clients who wish to be pleasantly surprised by a unique experience outside of the norms of international hotels.

Our ability to welcome 10 to 12 people in 5 rooms with toilet and washroom allows us to give the utmost attention to the service of our clients and receive them as genuine friends. To simplify your skiing experience and to prevent any unwanted stress due to daily transportation, we offer courtesy transportation from the chalet to the base of the ski lift at Daille (Val d’Isère).

Two options for weekly reservations:

– With the family or with friends, the reservation of the chalet provides exclusivity and maximum personalized service

– By the room, for couples or small groups allows for the magic of once in a lifetime experiences

Quite simply, Chalet Colinn opens its doors offering the most exceptional of mountain skiing experiences.

Removed from worry and free from daily duties of shopping, cooking, and cleaning, your vacation is without comparison. Here, you are pampered from dawn to dusk.

From the moment you wake, the aroma of hot coffee and fresh bread draws you from bed. A solid breakfast prepared for you makes you ready to attack a big day of skiing. Upon your return, a snack of cakes and a hot drink, sauna or outdoor hot tub (bain norvégian) awaits you before a homemade aperitif in front of the fire followed by a lively meal with friends. There is nothing left to do but to slip under the warm comforter for a good night’s sleep.

Short History of the Chalet

Histoire du chalet Histoire du chalet

In the small village of Franchet, between Tignes and Val d’Isère, overlooked by developers, we bought a run-down building in 1998 that we had watched fall to ruins over the course of the years. It seemed like a gamble, but we were determined to bring it back to life.

An architect decided to take up our fool’s wager and help to make it reality:

After a few obstacles from banks among other things, we decided to undertake the reconstruction project ourselves. With the help of an Italian master builder and the support of our friends, we were able to overcome the setbacks and complete the project.

It took four summer seasons to construct the building in the truly ancient style.

In a falling-down wall of the house, we discovered a stone engraved with the initials “P. A. B.” These initials would be found in many different locations: the lintel, entry door, crossbeams, and also the sundial. It stood for Pierre Antoine BOCH, associated with a year (1840) which corresponded with the possible year of the construction of the home.

His son Nicolas, called “COLINN” in the dialect of the Haut Vallée, lived in the house at the beginning of the 20th century.

In 1952, during the construction of the Tignes Dam, landmine explosions cracked the house which became uninhabitable as a result. When we bought the ruin, the neighbors and townspeople still called it “Chez Colinn,” meaning the Colinn family home. We decided to keep the name to honor its history.

“In Our home, you are home”

Vos hôtes

Elizabeth Chabert and Mylène Charrière are the owners and proprietors of the chalet who receive guests like true friends. They allow you to partake in their mountain-style of living resulting from their professional experiences: a personal concept of vacation where each person is able to take time to live at their own pace.

Mylène, born and bred Savoyard, grew up in a hotel at Corchevel where her father was the chef! Her professional path seemed all but laid out for her. With a love of skiing and mountains, her variety of posts in the accommodations of hotel-residences always led her back to the mountains. Enriched by the experience working in on a larger scale, she decided to move to the smaller scale and work for herself to share with others her version of true personal company. Her exquisite taste, welcoming manner, talent, and humor provide an unequivocal note of joy to chalet Colinn and create for you a “mountain of your dreams.”

Elizabeth, enamored by the mountains, has more than one trick up her sleeve: ski instructor, mountain escort, and even tour guide. A native of Vercors, she has been living in Val d’Isère for the last 25 years. In short, she has been driven here by her love of snow and cross-country skiing. She is rapidly becoming one of the female pioneers of cross-country skiing. She will share with you her knowledge of the mountain and accompany you as she continues to discover it herself: on skis, with snowshoes, or on foot.

The Chalet Colinn, a tranquility all its own

In this hillside home with traditional architecture of the two high valleys of Tarentaise and Marienne, the old-fashioned barn of the Colinn house has become the main living space of the chalet: an excellent area for relaxation.

The main room features a beautifully crafted larchwood ceiling. Flooded by light, the bay window provides a breathtaking view of the Sache countryside. With one corner of the room near the fire surrounded by comfortable couches, the room is perfect for an afternoon snack and aperitif as it welcomes you after a beautiful and snowy day in the mountains.

The library will also satisfy your curiosity on our beautiful Alps. There are plenty of quiet nooks to hide away and read peacefully or play a good game of cards. The original entryway, with all of its 160 years, now opens into the magnificent and modern kitchen.

To help you relax, enjoy a sauna and an outdoor hot tub (bain norvégien), steam rising from the surface, where you can lounge six days of the week after a long day of skiing. The early winter sky filled with stars is something of dreams.

From the immense back terrace opening the view and the appetite, you can enjoy the last rays of sun and after move inward to enjoy the warmth of an evening by the fire with friends.

Picturesque Mountains

“Montagnes d’Art” is an idea from Chalet Colinn to bring “art into the home”, in other words into our everyday lives. Many mountain folk have an artistic bent living within them. The chalet wants to offer them the space and time to exhibit. The object is not to create a collectors’area within the chalet but to retain a living dynamic. Our ambition is to provoke dialogue and encounters around these shared viewings.

Winter 2010-2011 : “Montagnes et Lumières ” by Pascal Arpin “

For its third edition, « Montagnes d’art » (Mountains of light) invites you to follow the Guide, in his passion … for the Alps of light. Because it is the light of the mountains that Pascal Arpin (High Mountain Guide and Photographer) has captured in his lens and that he is presenting here. How many of us who charge through life in this channel-hopping age know the step that takes us where the only sound echoing on the murmuring of the wind is our own breathing? How many know these moments between two others when everything becomes calm – between dawn and daybreak or between dog and wolf? How many have taken the time to emerge steadily from the darkness on foot to watch a mountain as it is slowly illuminated and then to lose themselves in that moment? It is to this alternative to wellbeing that Pascal invites us. As the shadows perform their last dance before daybreak, the ascent on skins is made in the blue-tinted light of dawn. Further on, with a touch of alchemy you can walk on the roof of Europe in the golden windswept snows. Further on again, a carpet of ridges unfolds before you between the sky and the land ­- landscapes« Live », better than « Google Earth »! Intoxicated by the wintery descent, in crystals that sparkle just for you! No, the mountains do not belong to an elite! They belong to those who want to take a stand against the absurdity of our daily life and to rediscover their own rhythm! How? Perhaps by just sharing with Pascal in his capacity as a guide, a climb towards the light…

Contact the Mountain Guide or the Photographer

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Winter 2009-2010 : “L’Alpe imaginaire” by Gilles Lansard”

For its second event at the Chalet Colinn, “Montagnes d’Art” welcomes an Alpine photographer – Gilles Lansard. His work takes a new look at photography and the Alps around three themes. Whilst until now photographers have tried to replicate reality through the filter of their own view, with the “Alpamorphosis” series we are in the presence of a genuine act of creativity. Gilles is no longer content simply to take photographs – he has freed himself from outline and liberated himself from form. By to a certain extent breaking the rules of photography, Gilles refines the subject and brings us some surprising landscapes. In detail or by suggestion, the “Fantasy” and “Stump” series lead us into the poetic, dreamlike world of the photographer, raising echoes of the childhood memories that are in us all. Many thanks go to Gilles for opening up to us these paths to the Imaginary Alps where we invite you to lose yourself …

Contact the photographer:

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Winter 2008/2009 : “MUSTAGH-ATA” by Jean-Marc PIC

Chalet Colinn is pleased to be opening its “Montagnes d’Art” as its first exhibitor,a talented mountain character : Jean-Marc Pic.A photographer and High Mountain Guide, Jean-Marc invites us to follow him across distant lands : those of the Uighurs. The choice of the theme for this journey which he made in 2007 is not far removed from this summer’s news :the Beijing Olympic Games, which eclipsed the revolts and repressions in Tibet : initially in Lhassa but also within the confines of the Tibetan plateau, where the Uighurs live…Jean-Marc’s magnificent photos take us amongst the Uighurs in the bazaar at Kachgar and a detour along a lane enables us to find out who is the barber, who is the seller, dozing as he waits for a shopper unlikely to appear, a whole world engrossed in its own act ivies and the rhythm of its daily life. The photographer’s sensitivity makes the Far East almost palpable for us and the photo gets sharper with blacks and whites that become increasingly subtle: he enables us to breathe air from the high peaks where the human caravans become breathless on the painful climb but still reach the summit! The air is thin but the photography is sharp, the mountains work their magic and win our hearts. All our thanks go to Jean-Marc for lending us his view of these people whom we have never met and these distant horizons…

Contacter Jean-Marc PIC :

And for a preview of the show, look for “Chine Mustagh-Ata 07″ in the photo gallery of the website ” Pyrenees § Montagnes d’ailleurs

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