The art of a beautiful table

The art of a beautiful table is above all the art of “assembling guests for time in community and wishing their enjoyment.”

Mylène adds: “It is also the art of allowing them to discover delicately blended tastes around a beautifully appointed table. We strive to unbalance assumptions, or more accurately, offer unexpected adaptations of traditional French cuisine featuring local products and specialties.” As the head chef of the chalet, it is her pleasure to tantalize your taste buds with a simple soup: carrots and cumin or chestnut squash and foie gras for example. Or even her special version of our Savoie dishes such as Diots and polenta. After an aperitif by the fire in winter or on the terrace in summer, the chef of Chalet Colinn invites you to join her to enjoy some gourmet cooking. The menu consists of exceptional choices, which change every night** and which include an appetizer, main dish, cheese platter and dessert. In winter, only six of seven nightly dinners are available at the chalet: upon your arrival, consider making a reservation at a restaurant for Thursday night dinner to “discover the ambiance of the resort”. In summer, meals are not included; please make a reservation at least one day in advance for the possibility of joining us at our table. In bother summer and winter, dinner is served at 20h00 (8 PM) with an aperitif starting at 19h30 (7:30 PM). In order to accommodate everyone please indicate any dietary restrictions at the time of reservation.e

With our “petite cave,” our goal is to harmonize different varieties of wines with the individual preferences of our guests

Our wine cellar features many of the most prestigious French wine regions such as Bordelais, Bourgogne, and Côtes du Rhône. From time to time, we will coordinate an excursion to the ancient territory of the duchy Savoyard (Piémont, Valais, Val d’Aoste) to please your palate and explore what our region has to offer. We would also like to take a moment to boast about our praise-worthy vineyards of Savoye, which recently gave us a lovely surprise in receiving a certain degree of international recognition. We were given the honor of being featured in the Parker’s Wine Buyer’s Guide (without trying to give them unsolicited publicity!) Our oldest wine varieties such as Persan or White Mondeuse will astonish your palate, not to mention the Altesse raised in acacia barrels or the Mondeuse in oakwood barrels. Certain vineyards also offer “special reserves,” which is the modern revamping of a tradition that combines different varieties of grapes to create and equilibrium of the quality of the product across the years. If you would like to learn more, we would be happy to organize a special evening “Tasting of Savoie Region’s Wines” with an OEnologue.* *Approximate cost, 350 euros for an evening of tasting with an Oenologue **During the summer months, the dinner is not offered every evening. Ask for more information at the time of your reservation.

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